3 Awesome Limousine Service Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Now


A limousine company is a versatile business. But running a limo business can be challenging. Besides organizing and maintaining your fleet of luxury vehicles, coordinating your team od chauffeurs, hiring and training your staff to be the best in the industry and keeping track of expenses, you also have to brand your business, attract and retain customers.

Who has time to do all of these when sometimes you must do the impossible? The answer is YOU!

There is no limit when it comes to advertising your limousine company. There are so many ways to grow your limo business but finding the ones that perfectly work for your limousine company could take a lot of time. If you are looking for fast and fresh ideas to market your limousine business, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find three excellent limousine service marketing ideas you can use right now to advertise and grow your limousine business.


  1. Update Your Website

When you invite guests to your home, you want to impress them, right? The same should apply to your website. Remember that we live in a world of short attention spans. You only have a short amount of time to grab and hold website visitor’s attention so update your website right now! At first, updating your website seem challenging, but there are some easy tips you can implement right now to freshen up your online presence.

  • Update your homepage – update the welcome picture, the About Us section and the Services
  • If you have a special page that lists your team, update everyone’s information.
  • Add or update the CTA (Call to Action).
  • Add social media links.

It is important to change your website as your limousine business changes. If you need more complex updates for your website, maybe a redesign, contact a team of specialists.


  1. Use Social Media

Once an innocent and entertaining tool, social media has developed into one of the most powerful marketing tools. There is where all the magic is happening. And the good news is you can start using social media right now! If you are new to social media, it can be intimidating at first since there are so many social media platforms and you don’t know how to choose the best ones for your business. With a little research, you will discover the best social media platforms to use to promote your business and posting will get easier over time. At first, try posting on the most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and don’t forget LinkedIn. To get the most out of this FREE marketing strategy, it is important to know your audience so you can craft your message accordingly. Be authentic, post details about your services and everything that you find relevant for your audience.


  1. Start Blogging

If you don’t have a blog for your limousine business, then you should start one right now. Many business owners find this strategy useless since it doesn’t provide immediate results. In fact, if done right, blogging can be a lead generation machine. Blogging nourishes your search engine optimization, increases your website visitors, helps you spread your message and positions you as an expert in the industry. Keep in mind that, nowadays, people are very busy and there are offered so many choices. So, have something to say that is worth reading, valuable, meaningful and different. Create relevant content that provides solutions to the most important questions your customers might have.

There are so many marketing tips that can help you grow your limousine business, but only the time and effort you invest in your business is what really makes the difference. We hope you found these tips useful. More than that, we hope they inspire you to start using them right now!

Posted on Jun 19 2018

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