Is Your Work Ethic ‘Unhealthy?’


Whether you think of yourself as a small business owner or even the more fashionable "entrepreneur", we spend endless hours working very long days and even seven day weeks.  In my case, the line between work and life have become blurred.

I thought a recent article that I came across the other day was really interesting and definitely food for thought.  Like everything, too much of a good thing can be bad.  The author of "Is Your Work Ethic 'Unhealthy?' discusses another piece - both of which make a pretty strong case that an unbridled work ethic may very well put you on the path to burnout. It kind of makes sense.  Yes, being motivated, having pride in your work, or striving for success, etc. are all good things, we can take it too far and begin to think of work as an inherently good thing - and downtime, as inherently bad.

Read the article if you have time and use the information to take a look at yourself. If you are placing professional success higher on your priority list than your own well-being and if the definition of an "unhealthy" work ethic sounds all too familiar, perhaps it is time to reevaluate and strive for more balance.

With that, it is mid-morning Monday, and I think I am going to go out to my garden.  While it is still too early in the season to "stop and smell the roses", it might be good to just do something that I like to do, as opposed to something I should do.  But, of course, don't worry . . . I will have my phone with me.


Posted on Apr 18 2017

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