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The Limousine Association of New Jersey maintains a watchful eye in Trenton, making sure chauffeured transportation companies are not blind-sided by legislation that would make operating in the Garden State unnecessarily difficult or expensive.

The organization has also been successful in resolving long-standing issues.

* LANJ got a bill signed into law repealing the sales and use tax on the purchase, lease, rental and repair parts of limousines.

The removal of this tax has saved chauffeured transportation operators thousands of dollars, enabling them to turn over and maintain their fleets more aggressively. As a result, the public enjoys newer and better-maintained vehicles and the standards of safety and service are raised for the entire industry.

* LANJ spearheaded and helped pass New Jersey’s “Limo Law” expressly designed to improve safety in the state.

The law addresses important issues such as maximum vehicle passenger capacities and insurance minimums.

* LANJ ensured the chauffeured transportation is exempt from the workers compensation category that includes taxis, UPS and FedEx and, instead, has has its own category.

Additionally, LANJ secured legislation that protects operators from having to pay workers compensation on gratuities — a major savings to operators.


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